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-What are the Egyptians Thinking?

by Dr. D ~ January 30th, 2011

CAIRO, EGYPT - JANUARY 29:  Protestors carry a...

(Image by Getty Images via @daylife)

UPDATE: Today by all reports Egypt is in chaos, Mubarak’s family has fled the country, there’s looting everywhere, the police have given up and are just protecting their own, and tanks are roaming the streets of Cairo but there are reports that some of the Egyptian army and officers have actually joined the protests.

It really doesn’t look good for the Mubarak administration and calls into question what is next for the country. Meanwhile the Obama administration seems to be clueless and inept.

Many in the West are sympathetic with the protestors believing that what they are seeking is greater freedom and democracy. Mubarak has been an ‘elected’ dictator for 30+ years who has continued to rule by an iron fist and by putting down any opposition through intimidation and the outright ruthlessness of his secret police force.

While every Egyptian is tired of the oppressive rule they are currently under this does not mean that the people of Egypt want their government to be replaced with some kind of secular Western type of democracy.

Opinion polls taken by Pew just last month demonstrate that they would be more willing to accept some kind of radical Islamist government that enforces sharia law:

“In Egypt, 30 percent like Hizballah (66 percent don’t). 49 percent are favorable toward Hamas (48 percent are negative); and 20 percent smile (72 percent frown) at al-Qaida. Roughly speaking, one-fifth of Egyptians applaud the most extreme Islamist terrorist group, while around one-third back revolutionary Islamists abroad. This doesn’t tell us what proportion of Egyptians want an Islamist government at home, but it is an indicator.

In Egypt, 82 percent want stoning for those who commit adultery; 77 percent would like to see whippings and hands cut off for robbery; and 84 percent favor the death penalty for any Muslim who changes his religion.

Asked if they supported “modernizers” or “Islamists” only 27 percent said modernizers while 59 percent said Islamists…”

Response: When you consider the poll above it leaves one wondering what would be the best outcome?

Many in the West seem to be rooting for Mubarak to be overthrown. However, what would be next? Maybe a more radical Islamist government? It is impossible to speak in favor of Mubarak but at least he has kept the peace with Israel and has tried to protect the Coptic Christians. What follows could be far worse if the current thinking of the Egyptians is any reflection of what is to come.

I can remember as a child in 1959 many Americans were rooting for and supporting Fidel Castro in his efforts to overthrow the Cuban dictator Batista. We all know how that turned out—far less freedom for the Cuban people for 50 years and counting.

Then there was the Shah of Iran who was a far more benevolent dictator than Mubarak but the Carter administration didn’t back him up and allowed him to fall. The Islamist Mullah regime that followed has been far more dictatorial than the Shah ever was. Plus it marked the beginning of a radical Islamist revival that has spread across the entire Middle East.

Point is, it is really hard to know at this juncture what would really be the best for Egypt and for general peace. The rise of a radical Islamist government in place of Mubarak would not be in anyone’s best interests even if that’s what the majority of the Egyptian people are currently thinking.

I call upon all Christians to pray for Egypt and for the best possible outcome. At this time only God knows what would really be best.            *Top

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4 Responses to -What are the Egyptians Thinking?

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  2. Ryan

    you are aware that when the muslims brotherhood tried to attack churches the rest of the muslim population stood vigil and told them to …. off, and as a result the would be vandels were forced to back dpwn. regardless of what happens I highly doubt that the christians will be in danger. hell the christians did the same things to the musllims

  3. Dr. D

    Actually it was a faction of al Qaeda that tried to attack churches and did succeed on New Years Day. In the latest case the Muslim Brotherhood stood against them.
    However if Sharia law is implemented the way that the Brotherhood wants it to be in Egypt the Christians will no longer have the same civil rights as Muslims in the country.

  4. Alexis Cooper

    Thank you for shedding light on the truth of what is happening in the Middle East. I pray that Pres. Obama thinks long, hard and looks deep before making any decisions in taking sides in these upririsngs. The western media has a way of distorting the truth even when it comes to our President. I always felt that there was more going on than meets the eye.

    Blessings and Peace!

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