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-Middle East Crisis Continues: Now Jordan Under Pressure

by Dr. D ~ January 28th, 2011


Friday after services is always a good time for marches and protests. From all reports this day could be a turning point one way or another in the Middle East. Egyptian authorities have tried to shut down the Internet since the government opposition has been using Twitter and Facebook to hand out ‘marching orders’.

Now even Jordan is part of the chaotic mess. Last Friday thousands marched in the streets demanding that the King step down and most sources expect the protests to continue today even on a grander scale.

Government authorities and police forces all across the Middle East are preparing for a showdown in force today. Complicating matters is the report that some of the police in Egypt are now joining the protesters.

Meanwhile the Obama administration seems to be slow to respond to the crisis. VP Biden even injected himself last night and commented to the chagrin of many that Egyptian President Mubarak is no dictator and should not step down.

Response: There are many different reasons behind all of the protests. Poor economy, and a striving for more freedom is at the top of everyones list.

The real problem is that if the current governments are overthrown more than likely radical Islamist governments will follow. 30 years ago when the Shah of Iran was overthrown for very similar reasons the Shia Muslim mullahs that replaced him put an even more autocratic sharia based government in its place.

This is a real danger particularly when it comes to Egypt and Yemen where the Muslim Brotherhood and al Qaeda are driving and organizing the protests. They are pushing to replace the current Western allied leaders with more fundamental Islamist governments.            *Top

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