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-Movie Review: “Cutback”

by Dr. D ~ January 27th, 2011

*Coming Soon: on April 5th from Skipstone Pictures; Directed by: Lance Bachelder & Johnny Remo; Cast: Justin Schwan (Luke Harris), Angel Cruz (Casey), Kelsey Sanders (Emily), Danny Smith (Youth Pastor- Shane), Andy Shephard (Matt), Raquel Gardner (Mom), Greg Carlson (Dad), Jessie Nickson, Matt Beacham, Christopher Michael, Ed Morgan.

**Awards: Peoples Choice Award: Best Feature Film – 2010 San Diego Christian Film Festival

This movie took me by surprise. A powerful Christian message wrapped naturally into a story that includes true friendship, tragedy, and the pain of growing up and seeking one’s identity and place in life. Plus it starts off with some incredible surfing cinematography and a soundtrack that gets you into it right from the very start.

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