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-Muslims in Washington Hijack MLK Jr Day

by Dr. D ~ January 18th, 2011


Bet you thought yesterday was Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Not so In Olympia Washington where hundreds of Muslims gathered together and celebrated “Muslim Day at the Capitol”.

The event was sponsored by CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) in Washington. Imam Siraj Wahhaj was the key note speaker at the event.


Wahhaj is the new Imam for the so-called ‘Ground Zero Mosque’ and infamous for being an unindicted co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and a supporter of a number of different terrorist organizations including the Muslim Brotherhood. Here’s a quote form one of his speeches in 1991:

“…And [Allah] declared ‘Whoever is at war with my friends, I declare war on them.’ … Your true friend is Allah, the messenger, and those who believe…. Hear what I’m telling you well. The Americans are not your friends … The Canadians are not your friends … The Europeans are not your friends. Your friend is Allah, the Messenger and those who believe. These people will never be satisfied with you until you follow their religion …”

Response: It is rather unseemly for this Muslim group to choose MLK Jr Day for an event of their own. Particularly when they have a key-note speaker like Imam Wahhaj who has excused and supported terrorists in the past.

For their part, CAIR claims that they are seeking ‘civil rights’ in America for Muslims just like King did for black Americans however a better day might have been chosen that did not conflict with honoring Martin Luther king Jr. and his legacy specifically.

I am not critical of the event itself, only the day they chose to have it on. Also it is rather ironic that they chose to feature a Muslim leader that is known to support radical Muslim groups. Not at all in the tradition of King’s non-violent view.            *Top of the Blog

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4 Responses to -Muslims in Washington Hijack MLK Jr Day

  1. Willard

    Wahaj is not the new imam of the ‘Ground Zero Mosque’

  2. Dr. D

    Willard, Thanks you are absolutely correct-
    Abdullah Adhami is the new imam

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