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-Pakistan: Rallies Against Pope and for Assassin

by Dr. D ~ January 14th, 2011


Islamic radicals took to the streets in Karachi and two other cities in Pakistan on Friday in support of the blasphemy laws and against the Pope. Last week Pope Benedict called for Pakistan to drop their blasphemy laws and quell the persecution in the country against Christians and minority religions.

The many protestors carried signs and placards targeting the Pope including one which read:

"Pope Benedict’s statement is an attack on the hearts of Muslims."

Also 1,000 protesters gathered  in Rawalpindi near the house of the confessed killer of Governor Taseer carrying banners supporting the assassin.

Response: Pakistan continues to spin out of control. Signs calling attention to the obvious ‘clash of civilizations’ are particularly poignant. The Islamic radicals continue to gain ground in the country to the point where many in the West are concerned now about the continued stability of the country. Whole sections of the country are now under the control of the radicals including the Taliban.

Fortunately the military is still somewhat western leaning. However the current developments are scary considering that Pakistan is a nuclear power.            *Top of the Blog

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