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-Compass Direct Top 10 ‘Persecution’ Stories of 2010

by Dr. D ~ January 7th, 2011

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Compass Direct News keeps track of the persecution of Christians around the world. Here’s a link to their ‘Top 10 Stories of 2010’. The Following are the story headlines:

1 – Pakistan’s Blasphemy Law Leads to Murder, Death Penalty for the Innocent

2 – Christians Increasingly Targeted in Iraq

3 – Afghan Christian Accused of ‘Apostasy’ Faces Death Sentence

4 – Somali Girl Killed for Embracing Christ

5 – Mass Attacks on Christians in Nigeria

6 – Hostilities toward Christians in Egypt Hit Boiling Point

7 – Christian Villagers in Laos Driven into Jungle

8 – Foreign Christians Suddenly Expelled from Morocco

9 – Wave of Persecution in India’s Karnataka State

10 – China Releases Gao Zhisheng – and then Seizes Him Again

Read the article for a full exploration of each story.

Response: These were just the ‘Top 10’ for the year. Nearly every day there were reports of persecution of Christians going on somewhere in the world and many times more than a couple of stories.

I have been following these reports on Compass Direct and other sites for nearly 5 years and persecution of Christians has been on the rise the whole time and more so in 2010 than previous years.

Note that 7 of the top 10 stories 2010 involve Muslim persecution of Christians. As the Muslim religion is becoming more radical around the world the persecution of Christians in their midst has also been on the rise.

Christians and Muslims have lived together peacefully in the Middle East and in North Africa for over 1,000 years. However in the last week alone I have read at least 3 articles which question whether Christianity will even continue to survive in the Middle East.            *Top of the Blog

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