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-Coptic Churches Around the World Receive Security for Jan. 6 Christmas Services

by Dr. D ~ January 6th, 2011

Church in Coptic Cairo (Name?)
(Coptic Church via Wikipedia)

Coptic churches all around the world received extra security for their January 6th Christmas Eve services due to radical Islamist threats following the New Years bombing of a Coptic church in Egypt.

Egyptian authorities provided extra security for churches all across that country for the service tonight. While Coptic churches in Europe also received extra security, particularly in France where there are over 45,000 Coptic Christians.

An Islamist website had threatened two Paris-area churches and dozens of others around the world including churches in the Netherlands, Sweden, Britain, and Germany.

Canadian authorities have provided security around all of the Coptic churches in Canada since the names and addresses of over 100 Canadian parishes were published on one Islamist website.

Even some Coptic churches in the USA hired security for the Jan. 6th event which is a major traditional celebration on the Coptic calendar. Coptic Christians follow the Julian calendar, and so celebrate Christmas Eve on Jan. 6 and Christmas on Jan. 7.

Response: We have entered a new era when Christian churches even in Europe, Canada, and the USA feel threatened enough to seek security for their major celebrations. Islamic terrorism has unfortunately reached a new level indeed.

According to the local news at least one Coptic church in the LA area hired security for the evening and curtailed their usual food and celebration that traditionally follows the Jan.6th Coptic Christmas Eve mass.            *Top of the Blog

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