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-2011 Begins with ‘Christianophobia’?

by Dr. D ~ January 3rd, 2011

Coptic Orthodox Cross

                         (Coptic Cross via Wikipedia)

At the dawn of the new year house church Christians in China were being rounded up and persecuted by their government. All over Pakistan Christians were being jailed and subjected to bizarre accusations of ‘blasphemy’ against Islam.

In Afghanistan in the shadow of American and British forces Christians were being subjected prison and worse for converting from Islam. In Iraq Christians were under assault by al Qaeda and thousands were trying to leave the country. Those who stayed behind were not openly celebrating Christmas this year.

However, nothing demonstrates the plight of Christians in the Middle East quite so well as the bombing of a Coptic church on New Years Day during services killing at least 21. In the aftermath there was rioting and confrontations between Muslims and Coptic Christians and the Egyptian police.

Yesterday I read at least 2 or 3 articles which questioned whether Christianity will even survive in the Middle East with good reason. Christians and Muslims have lived in peace in the area for over a 1,000 years until the recent rise of Muslim fundamentalism.

Intellectuals in the West are constantly hoping for some kind of ‘moderate’ form of Islam to come forth and reform the Muslim religion not realizing that it already took place in the 20th century and now a more radical interpretation is replacing it and becoming the norm in the 21th.

With the attacks on 9-11-01, the Islamist radicals have come to the forefront and Islam has become far more visible in the West and words like ‘Islamophobia’ have been coined to describe the reaction of Westerners and Americans in particular to the rise of Islamic terror and the radical Islamists.

Many intellectuals have responded to the challenge by blaming all religions and we see the rise of atheism in the UK and in America along with secularism demanding the absence of religion and particularly Christianity in the public square. Rather than point to radical Islam as the primary source of ‘terrorism’ in the world they have defended Islam and attacked Christianity at every turn.

Christians who wear crosses, pray for folks, or even preach in public are now subject to loss of employment, lawsuits, and even jail all in the last year. Now there are many Christians who are wondering if we are not entering a new era in 2011 with the rise of ‘Christianophobia’ all around the world particularly in the Middle east but even in the West and in the continued secularization of America.            *Top of the Blog

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