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-Vietnam Authorities Block Christmas Events

by Dr. D ~ December 23rd, 2010

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The Vietnamese authorities are using force this year to block Protestant Christians from celebrating Christmas together.

According to Compass Direct and Christian Post hundreds of Christians were locked out of a celebration on Sunday:

The throngs who arrived at the National Convention Center (NCC) in the Tu Kiem district of Hanoi for the Christmas event found the doors locked and a phalanx of police trying to send them away, sources said. Deeply disappointed, some of the Christians began singing and praying in the square in front to the center, they said.

Police moved in, striking some Christians with fists and night sticks in the melee that followed. A number of video clips of the action were posted online by Monday morning, Hanoi time. Christian leaders worked to calm the disappointed crowd, which eventually left, but not before at least six people – including the Rev. Nguyen Huu Bao, the scheduled speaker at the event – were arrested. They had not been released at press time.

According to the Christian Post article at least 4 other Christmas events were similarly shut down by the government.

Lately the government has been moving to curtail the growth of Protestant Christianity in Vietnam, this is just the lastest move against the church. Recently there was a report that a building being used as a Christian church and school was destroyed in the South.

We really do need to remember these Vietnamese Christian brothers and sisters in our prayers during this  Christmas season.

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