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-Thousands of Christians Continue to Flee Iraq

by Dr. D ~ December 17th, 2010

Source http://www.ankawa.com/forum/index.php/t...

                   ( Catholic Iraqi refugees in Jordan via Wikipedia)

Since the Oct. 31 deadly attack on a Catholic Church in Bagdad, thousands of Christians have fled Iraq, many to Syria, Jordan and Lebanon. Plus thousands more have moved north to the Kurdish controlled region of Iraq where Christians are apparently safer.

Some have also tried to immigrate to European countries only to be denied asylum in several cases.

Most of the Christian families are leaving behind homes and nearly all of their possessions and taking only what they can personally carry or take out in their car.

Last year at this time and in 2008 also, the Iraqi Christian community was trying to maintain a low profile and most Christian families dispensed with their usual Christmas decorations in order not to call attention to themselves. I am sure that this is case even more so this year since the al Qaeda has called on Iraqis to persecute, kill, and eliminate the Christian community.

We really should remember the Iraqi Christian community in our prayers this Christmas season.            *Top of the Blog

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