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-Contributions Have Declined for Many Protestant Churches in 2010

by Dr. D ~ December 13th, 2010

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A survey has shown that 34% of the Protestant churches in America have experienced a marked decrease in the financial contributions received in 2010.

This has resulted in staff reductions, frozen salaries, and cut backs in ministries and programs.

In the meantime, more church members in 2010 are finding themselves in need of help and asking for assistance from their church to meet basic needs like paying the rent and buying groceries.

The result is that many churches find themselves in a difficult situation where their financial resources are declining at the same time when additional funds are needed to help people that are currently experiencing tough times.

Response: These are hard times for many in America and I actually think that the survey is underestimating the very real financial difficulties that many churches are facing.

I believe that many pastors are too concerned about appearances to really admit the financial stresses that the current recession has put their organization and their members in.

Other pastors may feel that it is a matter of faith to rely on God to provide for the needs of their ministry and to report that support has declined is tantamount to saying that they are being somewhat abandoned by God or their faith is falling short and somewhat lacking.

Meanwhile, some churches in America have adjusted to the crisis and have admirably found ways to reach out and minister to families in need.            *Top of the Blog

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