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-China: Major Crackdown Against Christian House Churches

by Dr. D ~ December 11th, 2010

China Flag

                (Chinese Flag by BWJones via Flickr)

BEIJING, CHINA (ANS): According to a recent report from China

“Chinese authorities last week launched a crackdown directed at Christians who belong to China’s huge network of unregistered house churches, calling a “cult” one of the fastest-growing populations of Christians in the world.”

The Chinese government is rounding up known Christian leaders and questioning them in order to find other important leaders in the house church movement. The government has decided to curtail the growth of the movement and bring it under control.

The house church movement is made up of Christians who refuse to join the government controlled and sponsored churches.

On December 1, the powerful ruling Politburo of the Chinese Communist Party launched what they are calling “Operation Deterrence”. According to top-secret instructions, the crackdown on the Chinese churches is to continue through March 2011.

During the campaign all major Christian leaders are to be sought out and detained and information and a ‘blacklist’ of major influential Christians is to be drawn up for future action.

According to reports, the focus is mainly on those house churches that:

“…advocate and promote the Christianization of China; they seek the unity of all churches in China; they promote the unity of the Chinese church with churches worldwide and they want to have dialogue with the government.”

Response:  Ironically the Chinese authorities are now referring to the house church movement as ‘a cult’ when the classical usage of the term applies more realistically to the government sponsored churches like the Three-Self Patriotic Movement with leadership and teaching controlled solely by the government.

There has never been a time when the government has completely left the Christian movement alone and major leaders have always been subjected to arrests and prison for one reason or another. However, the church has been growing so fast in China that even in times of severe persecution they have not been able to control or shut it down completely even when key leaders and members are detained and imprisoned.

It is doubtful that the government will be successful this time and the church will merely go underground even more than they presently are.

In the past the authorities have subjected Christian leaders to torture in order to discover other members and leaders. It is really a good idea to remember the Chinese church and its leaders in your daily prayers. It is hard to even imagine what some of these folks are facing or going through right now.            *Top of the Blog

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3 Responses to -China: Major Crackdown Against Christian House Churches

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  2. Curly

    The chinese government doesn’t care. They hate religion. I never want to go to china.

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