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-Over 200 Million Muslims Support al Qaeda?

by Dr. D ~ December 6th, 2010

There are all sorts of disturbing statistics to look at in a recent Pew Research Center survey of Muslims in 7 nations including: Indonesia, Pakistan, Nigeria, Egypt, Turkey, Jordan, and Lebanon. However nothing is more scary than the support for Muslim extremist groups like Hezbollah, Hamas and al Qaeda. Even if it is a minority it is far larger than expected or realized by most in the West.


Favorable View of al Qaeda

If you apply the percentages to the total Muslim population in these 7 countries including an earlier study that shows Pakistani support of al Qaeda at 18%. Then add it all up and it shows that 137,749,000 Muslims have a favorable view of al Qaeda in these 7 countries that only make up 39.3% of the 1.57 Billion Muslims in the World.

When you consider that there are at least dozen countries that have a more radical Muslim population than these 7 it is no wild exaggeration to assert that there could easily be 200 Million Muslims or even more with a favorable view of al Qaeda.

Reality vs. PC View

Stack this up against all of the PC propaganda in the West that continues to dismiss al Qaeda and extremist Muslims as distorting Islam and only representing a tiny minority.

Every article I read that refers to this Pew survey casts it in only the most favorable light and celebrates that the majority of Muslims in the 7 countries reject extremist groups. None of them bother to add up all the numbers that the minority actually represents.

It is time for us in America to face reality and understand what we’re really up against in this ‘War with No-Name’ that used to be called the ‘War on Terror’. If the extremists only represent 10% of Islam that is 157 million Muslims. If it is closer to 13% like the numbers in this survey seem to indicate then that ‘tiny minority’ may represent over 200 million. Scary!            *Top of the Blog

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