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-Chase Bank Orders Christmas Tree Removed

by Dr. D ~ December 3rd, 2010

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JP Morgan Chase officials have ordered a donated Christmas Tree to be removed from their Branch in Southlake, Texas (Dallas-Ft Worth area).

Apparently the bank corporation had received complaints from one or more customers who were offended by the decorated tree that had been in the branch lobby since the Monday before Thanksgiving.

Greg Hassell, a corporate spokesman for JPMorgan Chase told reporters that it is not the company’s policy to be ‘anti-Christmas’ but rather to be more inclusive:

"People wish their customers merry Christmas when it’s appropriate."

"We appreciate the thoughtful gesture from Mr. Morales (the one who donated the tree). Unfortunately, we’re unable to keep it [the tree] on display for the remainder of the holiday season."  (The bank wants) "something everyone is comfortable with, regardless of how they celebrate the season."

Response: The bank did not want to offend a customer or two so ends up offending thousands of folks instead? The story has gone viral with thousands of comments to boot including many who say they are going to take their money out of Chase. Some even claimed to be Jewish.

At this point there is no way that the bank can win with this issue.

Personally I’m more amused than offended. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot. I can’t believe how much Christmas has become a battleground and how many are bitten by the PC inclusive bug.

For the benefit of all you business folks out there, you should consider that according to current estimates 91% of the country celebrates Christmas in some form or another and many don’t even consider themselves to be religious. Last year in a survey 83% said that they had Christmas trees of their own at home.

From my own perspective, I have always considered Christmas trees to be a fine cultural tradition that really has nothing to do with the religious aspects of the celebration. More secular than Christian. And yes, we always have a Christmas tree in our home – it’s a family tradition.             *Top of the Blog

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1 Response to -Chase Bank Orders Christmas Tree Removed

  1. Robert

    I used to work for Chase Bank, and this doesn’t surprise me in the least, they’re the most backward, chaotic, incoherent, and petty organization I’ve ever had the displeasure to work for. They’ve DEFINITELY offended far more by ordering the tree removed, than those they MIGHT have offended by leaving it up. We as a country care more for muslims and other non-Christians than we do about the vast majority of Americans who practice some form of Christianity. No one cares if WE are offended. Pathetic, and one more reason I am glad I no longer work there.

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