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-The Smithsonian ‘Ant-Covered Jesus’ Debacle

by Dr. D ~ December 1st, 2010


For the Christmas season The Smithsonian recently featured a video of an ant-covered crucifix of Jesus in The National Portrait Gallery in Washington DC. It was removed today (Wednesday) after considerable criticism by Christians who found it offensive.

The video was part of an exhibit of homosexual portraits that will run through the Christmas Season and close in February:

“Hide/Seek: Difference and Desire in American Portraiture”

Besides the ‘Ant-covered Jesus’ video, the exhibition also features “images of male genitals, naked brothers kissing, men in chains, Ellen DeGeneres grabbing her breasts, and a painting” the Smithsonian describes as an example of  "homoerotic" art in the show’s syllabus. Sounds like Jesus was in ‘great’ company!

While the Smithsonian Institute is substantially funded by the Federal government (65% of its annual budget of $761 million) we are told that this exhibition in the National Portrait Gallery was supported by private donations. Nevertheless, the very buildings it is housed in is on Federal land.

Response: What were the Smithsonian authorities thinking of when they allowed this obviously offensive ‘anti-Christian’ so-called ‘art’ to be displayed in the first place? Then in the midst of the Christmas season to boot? Ho,Ho,Ho –Merry Christmas? Happy Winter Solstice?

Obviously ‘political correctness’ never applies to Jesus and Christianity.

What if a video of ‘Mohammad covered with ants’ was displayed? Can you even imagine the outrage and even the number of deaths which would follow. The Smithsonian folks would never consider such an ‘Islamophobic’ outrage. They wouldn’t have the guts!

Can you imagine the outcry if it was an effigy of ‘President Obama covered with ants’? That would never happen because it would be blatantly ‘racist’ of course.

But no dictums of ‘political correctness’ ever apply when it comes to Jesus. Go ahead and put a cross in vat of urine and call it art or cover Him in ants -it is always ‘open season’ on Christ. Then when Christians complain like they did in this case it is because they are a bunch of ignorant ‘homophobes’!            *Top of the Blog

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