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-Obama Administration’s Failure in Israel-Palestinian Talks

by Dr. D ~ November 30th, 2010

Temple Mount and Western Wall during Shabbat

                                    (Jerusalem via Wikipedia)

The Wikileaks debacle has masked the news coming out of Israel. The Israel-Palestinian negotiations are dead on arrival and you can stick a fork in it mostly due to major policy failures of the Obama administration.

Personally right now President Obama has a popularity rating around 5% in Israel which is astounding considering that some of the Palestinian and Arab leaders are actually more popular.

From the Israeli perspective the Obama administration took sides from the very beginning and doomed the negotiations before it even really started calling on Israel to make all of the concessions. 

The non-starter was the insistence that Israel cease all construction in Jerusalem their own capitol. The policy didn’t even recognize that the eastern part of Jerusalem had been in the hands of the Israelis from the very beginning. The Palestinians made hay on the issue and demanded concessions that they knew the Israeli leadership would never budge on and Obama and Co. followed in lock-step.

More serious according to some is the blunder the current administration made when it comes to the Gaza Strip:

“By  pressuring Israel to end the high level of sanctions on the Gaza Strip and greatly increasing its own aid, the U.S. government has in effect accepted long-term Hamas rule there, making peace even harder to achieve and strengthening the Iran-Syria axis.

Only time will tell if the talks get back on track but so far after 2 years the Policies of the Obama Administration have been a complete failure when it comes to Israel and when it comes to even handedly responding to the Palestinian situation and bringing both parties to the table.             *Top of the Blog

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