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-Thou Shall Not Use Facebook?

by Dr. D ~ November 18th, 2010

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a New Jersey pastor has added a new commandment to the list that he expects his leaders to abide by: ‘Thou shall not use Facebook’.

The Rev. Cedric Miller of Living Word Christian Fellowship Church in Neptune, NJ has ordered his staff of 50 married church leaders to delete their Facebook accounts or resign from their leadership positions.

The pastor also says that he intends to counsel his entire congregation of 1,100 members to follow their lead and also discontinue using the social network site.

What lead to the pastor’s decision was the experience of counseling 20 different couples in failing marriages where Facebook was a factor in their trouble and actually lead to adultery with new and past friends initially found on line in the social network.

Response: Wow, where to begin? Where does this type of control end?

Maybe the Rev. Miller might also tell all of his leaders to get rid of their computers entirely since recent research shows that over 40% of the Christian men in America have some difficulty with pornography including pastors. Then maybe he could include TV and ‘R’ rated movies on the list since there are so many depictions of adultery in today’s entertainment media. Then maybe he could move his entire congregation out of the demon American culture to some rural out of the way place like maybe Guyana?

On the other hand he could stress the positive uses of Facebook while counseling against the dangers. He could encourage his leaders and congregation to bear their testimonies to one another and reach out to folks encouraging them to seek Jesus. Fact is that many ministries have used Facebook to bring thousands to Christ. It is a tool and one that can be used for good or for the alternative.

Here’s another thought. The Rev. could teach his folks the Gospel of Jesus Christ including everything that Jesus taught about even thinking about the opposite sex (Matt. 5:27-28) then let his people be guided by the Holy Spirit- even when it comes to Facebook.            *Top of the Blog

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