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-Westboro Protesters Blocked Again

by Dr. D ~ November 15th, 2010

Picture of Downtown McAlester, OK

                               (McAlester, OK via Wikipedia)

A half a dozen protestors from the Westboro ( Pseudo ) Baptist Church were blocked again from protesting a military funeral by over 1,000 local protestors in McAlester, Oklahoma who showed up to honor the fallen and protest the protestors.

The funeral was for McAlester resident Army Sgt. Jason James McCluskey (Read all about it here).

The despicable Westboro family faced nearly a thousand shouting, jeering, taunting protesters blocking their way two blocks from the military funeral held at the First Baptist Church. The local crowd shouted “USA,USA” and reeved up motorcycle engines to drown out the Westboro folks. They never even got close to the funeral and finally packed it in and headed back to their vehicle.

Slashed Tires and Nobody will Help

When the Westboro jerks got back to their van they found that their tires had been slashed. They tried to get them fixed but all of the auto service places in town refused to serve them. What a shame!

Finally they had to  call AAA and have their vehicle towed out to the nearest Wal-Mart.

Response: The Westboro jerks have the constitutional right to protest military funerals if they want, but local folks have equal rights to protest the protestors and block them from their funerals. In this case the local police protected the Westboro family from any physical harm.

Folks have every right to treat the Westboro family as the pariahs that they are. I don’t condone the tire slashing but I do applaud and uphold the rights of every auto service place in town to refuse to help them out.

Hopefully the hateful Westboro jerks will receive similar treatment (except for the tire slashing) wherever they go in the future.            *Top of the Blog

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1 Response to -Westboro Protesters Blocked Again

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