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-India: Christians Still facing Oppression in Orissa

by Dr. D ~ November 12th, 2010

Map of India showing location of Orissa

                                          (Orissa via Wikipedia)

It has been two years since 50,000 Christians were kicked from their homes in a rampage that resulted in over 100 killed, 4,640 houses burned, 252 churches and 13 Christian schools destroyed.

according to a recent report:

“Despite the state administration’s claim of normalcy a state of lawlessness and utter fear and sense of insecurity” prevails among Christians of Kandhamal district.

Hindu nationalists continue to oppress Christians in the Kandhamal district. Christians who were left behind still obviously suffer discrimination and oppression from the Hindu authorities and radicals who run the district.

Many were forced to re-convert to Hinduism and continue to be subjected to regulation and observation by the Hindu authorities. Those who refused are not allowed to use public transportation and are blocked from vital resources like well water, provisions, and medical care:

Christians said area Hindus extremists prohibited Christians from procuring basic necessities.
“We are not allowed to bring housing materials or food provisions or medicines, and nor are we allowed to buy anything from local shops. We do not have any shop of our own. Here, we are struggling to live as human beings.”

Response: In spite of the claims made by the national government, Hindu radicals in charge of the Kandhamal district in Orissa continue to oppress Christians with no relief in sight. President Obama was just in India but did not address this on-going problem.

Please continue to pray for these folks and contact your representatives in Congress to put pressure on the national Indian government to help these brothers and sisters in Orissa, India.            *Top of the Blog

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