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-UN: Saudi Arabia Elected to New Women’s Rights Agency?

by Dr. D ~ November 11th, 2010

saudi arabia abha souq

(by retlaw snellac via Flickr)

Yesterday the United Nations announced that Saudi Arabia had been selected to be part of the new ‘Women’s Rights’ agency being formed by the international body to promote equality for women around the world.

Response: This is the same Saudi Arabia where women are not even allowed to drive or go out in public in the company of men who are not close relatives.

This is the same country where an American executive who happened to be a woman was arrested and beaten 2 years ago by the  Saudi ‘religious police’ in Starbucks for having coffee with her male administrative assistant. Also remember that a 13 year old school girl received 90 lashes there for having a cell phone.

Also, a 75 year old widow received 40 lashes for receiving food and assistance from a young man who was not a relative. The woman had no close male relatives in the country. Then there was the case of a 19 year old rape victim who received 200 lashes and jail time for being in the company of men who were not relatives. The rapists actually testified against her!

This is the same country where the ‘religious police’ have outlawed Valentines Day because it is a ‘Christian holiday’ and promotes illicit love and contact between the sexes.

We could go on and on citing one incident after another where women have little or no rights according to the Saudi implementation of Muslim sharia law. The selection of Saudi Arabia seems rather crazy until you consider that Iran almost was selected for this honor. Yes, the same Iran that still stones women for supposed adultery!  

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