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-Laos: Authorities Threaten to Expel More Christians from Katin village

by Dr. D ~ November 10th, 2010

From:  DUBLIN (Compass Direct News) “Officials in Katin village, southern Laos have ordered six more Christian families to renounce their faith or face expulsion in early January, advocacy group Human Rights Watch for Lao Religious Freedom (HRWLRF) reported Tuesday.”


The Katin village chief and the religious affairs officer recently threatened six families that had become Christians this year with expulsion from the village and confiscation of all of their homes and possessions unless they renounced their new faith. The families were given until January.

Last January 11 Christian families, totaling 48 men women and children were expelled from the village at gunpoint.

Response: What is really incredible about this story is that 2 families in the Katin village almost immediately became Christians following the expulsion of the 48 last January and 4 more families have joined them in professing the Christian faith since.

These new Christians are now facing the prospect of losing everything and maybe even their lives for Jesus. Please pray for these Christians and for the village authorities.

Laos is supposed to have religious freedom but as you can see that doesn’t always translate into reality on the village level. The village authorities in Katin since 2009 have been trying to promote unity in their village by ordering everyone to respect the traditional Lao spirit worship.

Meanwhile folks in the village keep on coming to Christ and thwart their efforts for religious unity in the village. I am praying that the whole village becomes Christian instead and achieves unity of the faith through Jesus Christ. Please pray with me.              *Top of the Blog

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1 Response to -Laos: Authorities Threaten to Expel More Christians from Katin village

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