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-Two Interesting Election Results

by Dr. D ~ November 3rd, 2010

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While everyone is talking about the political landscape and all of the changes that are going to take place because of the mid-term elections held yesterday.

Just for relief here are a couple of election stories you might have missed that revolve around culture and religion and people of faith:

1. Oklahoma Bans Sharia Law

In a controversial measure, the voters of the state of Oklahoma banned the use of sharia law in making judicial decisions in the state.

Many have pointed out the the US Constitution actually should make it mute and unnecessary since Sharia Law is unconstitutional on many different levels.

However a New Jersey judge did refer to sharia recently in a domestic case and substantially excused the husband’s actions against his wife because he was Muslim and was merely following his religion. The ruling was later appealed and overthrown. The case was cited along with other European examples by the proponents of the measure.

Muslims in Oklahoma were mostly offended by the measure which seemed to be directed toward them. However proponents claimed that it was not directed against individual Muslims or their religion but merely the implementation of the code of law associated with Islam called Sharia.

The measure was also not intended to affect the right of Muslims to freely practice their religion according to the laws of this country.  However Muslims point out that it is a useless law since there is no possibility of sharia law being implemented in America right now and tantamount to nothing more that a ‘scare tactic’.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out in court since some Muslim groups are talking about legally challenging the measure.


2. Iowa Ousts Three Justices Over Gay Marriage

The Iowa Supreme Court disregarded the wishes of the people of Iowa and their duly elected representatives in the state legislature and pro-actively made gay marriage legal in the state of Iowa.

The people have now spoken and overwhelmingly kicked the three justices up for re-election off of their activist benches.

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