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-Aftermath: Attack on Iraqi Church Leaves 58 Dead, 75 Wounded, and Insecurity

by Dr. D ~ November 2nd, 2010

BAGHDAD, IRAQ - NOVEMBER 1:   Iraqi Christian ...

(Image by Getty Images via @daylife)

The attack on Sunday on a Catholic church in Bagdad during worship is incomprehensible. Over 58 dead among the Christians, mostly women and children  including 2 priests, plus 17 troops and 75 wounded. Then there is the threat to annihilate ‘all Christians’ in Iraq and the rising fear in the Christian community that this is just the beginning.

Even with American troops on the scene over the last 7 years Iraqi Christians have been subjected to ever increasing persecution and over 500,000 have left the country. Now as the Americans are gearing down and leaving the concerns mount over what will happen when the American troops are all gone.

Meanwhile religious leaders all around the world condemned the attack including Pope Benedict and the head of the World Counsel of Churches -Rev. Dr. Olav Fykse Tveit. Iraq’s Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani also condemned it:

"We stress the need to respect the rights of Christians in Iraq and those of other religious faiths and their right to live in their home, Iraq, peacefully."

Even the radical shia Hezbollah condemned the attack but inexplicably blamed it on the Israelis:

"(Hezbollah) Strongly condemns this terrorist attack against the Our Mary of Relief Church in the Iraqi Capital". 
"Israeli fingerprints are obvious in this crime as the Zionist entity sought dividing the region and dispersing its people in order to rule it completely".

Response: The  Sunni Muslim terrorists who attacked the church were connected to al Qaeda and promised to continue their attacks against the Christian community.

As a result, the Christian community is left to consider whether they have any kind of future in Iraq. Half of the Christians (over 500,000) have already left the country since 2003 because of radical Muslim persecution.

Say what you want about Saddam but at least he protected the Christian minority. The Americans have not been able to protect them from the radicals and most believe it will only get worse as the Iraqi forces take over the task. In fact now it looks like a police commander may have actually been involved in this latest attack.

Point is, the Christians in Iraq are feeling very insecure today with good reason and many are making plans to leave the country.            *Top of the Blog

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2 Responses to -Aftermath: Attack on Iraqi Church Leaves 58 Dead, 75 Wounded, and Insecurity

  1. Elias

    Get back another dictator like Sadam Hussien.

  2. Dr. D

    I hope you are joking. That is the goal of the terrorists to end up with a dictatorship of sharia law and Muslim clergy like Iran.

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