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-Muslim Couple are ‘Officially’ Divorced by Skype

by Dr. D ~ October 29th, 2010

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A Muslim husband from Qatar was joking with his wife on Skype chat about divorcing her and the whole thing backfired.

Now Muslim religious authorities have issued a ruling (fatwa) that the couple is officially divorced and must separate even though both want to remain married.

The husband says he:

"Jokingly typed ‘talak, talak, talak’ (I divorce thee, I divorce thee, I divorce thee) to my wife on Skype chat. I don’t understand Islam very much and did not know about how talaq works. We love each other very much and want to be together but right now [we are] caught in this thing. Want to know a way out."

Finding out that he may have put his marriage in jeopardy he contacted the Darul Uloom Deobandi Seminary in northern India (one of Islam’s leading authorities on religious law) for clarification on their situation.

The seminary issued a fatwa that declared the divorce as official and that if the couple wanted to get back together they will have to wait at least 6 months. Meanwhile the wife will have to marry another man after 3 months and consummate that marriage and then divorce that 2nd husband and wait another 3 months before the couple can remarry and get back together:

"When you gave three talaqs, your wife became "haram" (forbidden) for you. Neither you have the right to take her back nor solemnise a new "nikah" (marriage) without a valid "halalah" (second marriage). After the completion of "iddah" (a three month waiting period following a divorce), the woman can marry whomever she wishes except you."

According to one Muslim authority in India ( Maulana Arshid Madani, President of Jamiat-Ulama-i-Hind) divorce is nothing to joke about and I bet this Qatari husband would surely now agree:

"Allah and his Prophet has said the worst thing a couple does is to seek divorce. This is a hated act but the provision for Talaq in Islam is for unavoidable circumstances not for teasing or jokes."

Response: This ruling is shocking but it is definitely no joke!

It is hard for us in the West to understand how a legal divorce could actually be accomplished and finalized by merely saying the words ‘I divorce thee’ 3 times.

Sharia law concerning Muslim marriage and divorce is a mystery to most of us in the West. We have secular laws concerning marriage and divorce in this country usually defined by the state.

However, in Muslim countries there is no separation of ‘mosque and state’. The rules and laws concerning marriage and divorce are considered to be ‘religious’ issues to be dealt with by religious authorities and Sharia courts.            *Top of the Blog

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