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-Conference: Christian and Muslim Leaders Meeting in Geneva to Discuss Mutual Concerns

by Dr. D ~ October 28th, 2010

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On Tuesday, The World Council of Churches announced an upcoming conference in Geneva between key Christian and Muslim leaders to discuss mutual concerns about the future:

High-ranking Muslim and Christian leaders as well as renowned scholars and interfaith practitioners, representing various Islamic and Christians organizations, will gather 1-4 November at the Ecumenical Centre in Geneva for an international consultation on Christian and Muslim concerns.

The international conference will be entitled: "Transforming Communities: Christians and Muslims Building a Common Future"

The religious leaders will be identifying and addressing issues of common concern and provide guidelines for possible cooperation between Muslims and Christians, including possible joint Christian-Muslim sponsored responses and action.

A joint statement is scheduled to be issued at the end of the meetings consultation on 4 November during a press conference.

The organizers issued this opening statement:

"Christians and Muslims have a joint responsibility to contribute the very best of their theological, spiritual, and ethical resources for the common good of humanity”

The group expects the consultation to "develop concrete ways of building a common future, in order to achieve more compassionate and just societies, based on equality, co-citizenship and mutual respect".

The 60+ participants plan to address three key issues in the present context of Muslim-Christian relations:

  • Beyond Majority and Minority
  • From Conflict to Compassionate Justice: Building ecologies of peace
  • Learning to Overcome; formulating educational tools to resolve issues

Response: There needs to be more of these conferences where actual dialogue takes place between religious leaders that want what is best for all of humanity.

The radicals on both sides have stolen the conversation when it comes to Christian and Muslim relations. So much of the time we are reacting and involved with talking past  one another without really trying to understand where the other religionists are coming from or what we actually might share in common.

Most of the time conferences of this type are said by the critics to accomplish little or nothing of substance. I disagree.

Meetings of this type can open up new channels of communication between key Christian and Muslim leaders that can be utilized when crises and trouble come which involve and affect both religions.            *Top of the Blog

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