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-Christian Revival Among the Gypsies in Europe

by Dr. D ~ October 26th, 2010

Gypsy dancers / Bailarinas zíngaras (III)

(Image by . SantiMB . via Flickr)

The Roma (Gypsies) community has been discriminated against in European countries for centuries.  In fact just this last summer thousands of Roma were deported from France and sent packing back to Romania and Bulgaria.

However, there is another little known backstory that is happening among the Roma people all across Europe. Thousands of these people called ‘gypsies’ with a reputation for roving, thievery, and deception are coming to Christ in droves and have been for years.

According to one Roma pastor, John Boyd who is part of an Assemblies of God ministry to the Roma People:

"Most people still hate Gypsies, especially in France. [Yet] revival hasn’t stopped. God is calling Gypsies all around the world."

Pentecostal Christianity continues to spread among the Roma. In France alone among the 500,000 or so there at least 200,000 have been converted to Christ.

The ministry among the Roma has been successful because the evangelists translate the Gospel and teach the Bible in the Romani language making it more understandable. According to Thomas Acton, a professor of Romani studies at the University of Greenwich:

"As if God were a Gypsy. The Romani churches have nativized the gospel. It’s not a foreign ideology; it’s the gospel that has taken on Romani colors. When you hear [a] Romani translation of the Bible, it sounds like it was written yesterday."

The Roma that were recently kicked out of France are now actually reaching out to the Romanian communities with their new found faith.  Beni Lup, an attorney and regional director of Walk Thru the Bible Ministries has observed the Roma sharing their faith at a recent Roma Christian music festival held in Sibiu, Romania:

"All the Gypsies had boxes of literature, and they go to Romanians and say, ‘See, the people in France kick us out, but Jesus sent us to give you this Good News of the gospel.’

"[Roma] tell me, ‘We are known as people who steal and people who deceive others. Now we want people to see our testimony, and then our life will be different.’ "

Response: This is an incredible story of the Gospel transforming a people right before our very eyes. Not exactly the sort of thing that you will read about in the regular media which seems to be fixated on everything going wrong.

This story gives me hope for Europe which otherwise seems to be headed towards secularism and Islam. May this be just the beginning for Revival to sweep across all of Europe once more changing all of those dreary demographics of doom for the future of Christianity in Europe.            *Top of the Blog 

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1 Response to -Christian Revival Among the Gypsies in Europe

  1. pastor,p.ramamurthy naik

    Dear Brother are Parents in Christ,

    Greetings to you in His Sacred Name.

    We are conveying your good wishes in the name of Jesus Christ. Good greetings of Christmas and New Year to you. We are writing from our Banjara Tribal as the pastor’s team and our church believers and the poorest of the poor destitutes, orphans, widows womens, blind, polio, aged people, leprosy, physically handicapped, street children’s and other orphanage children’s disadvantaged of this area.

    We are safe, and hove are you. We hope that god will grant you happiness, health and wealth through out your life.

    Dear beloved brother in Christ, Greetings to both of you from (Pastor) P. Rama Murthy Naik Yerragonda Palem (India) in the name of our lord and savior Jesus Christ.

    We are all doing well by the grace of almighty god and by your blessings also we are also praying for your Ministries and Church, your family.

    WE have not yet seen to each other, but we are loving very much to each other since Philiphans 1:1 – 7.

    Let me at the outset, introduce my self. I am Ramamurthy Naik ( Pastor) residing at Yerragonda Palem, Prakasam District, South India. I decided to develop intimacy and friendship and do lord’s work. I praise the lord for giving me
    this opportunity. I thanking you for praying for me and treating me as your brother or friend or fellow worker. Inspired by your prayers, I am going forward in his work. I am praying for you. Our Church and our Pastors also remembers you in in its daily prayers and fasting prayers.

    We belong to BANJARA TRIBE (GYPSY), which is very backward, educationally, socially and financially,. The almighty god saved me and using me for his work ( I thin 1:12 – 10 ) we live thick forests, village Our people are
    addicted to drinking, cheating and robbing the passers by is a common profession to many of us. We live on hunting, collecting the forest products. People living in town and cities look down and ill that us. Our life style is very peculiar. Our women wear a special dress.

    We worship stones. Neen tree, Ant hills, Idols made of mud, and other things. Our people are very backward in education. Actually there are no educational facilities, non medical facilities.

    I studied upto intermediate class and had to give up studies because of poverty up and working as cooli on daily wages.

    On 1-1-1984 some of the lords servants came to our tribal village and started preaching. Their words were new to us. We had never heard such messages. Their messages brought a lot of change in our people. The word of God perced into my heart. I could know that I was a suiner. I went to one of them and begged for prayer. He prayed for me and offical a new testamet. As I was reading the word of God and praying every day, a nuircle had taken place in my life. I confessed my suis and accepted Christ as my lord and saviour. I was baptized on 09-10-1984.

    God called me to His service ( like : 5:4 – 11 ) obeying his word, I tooking his yoke and doing his work since them. I am being used by God as an instrument to spread his gospel among the nomadic tribes of our area. I wanted to bring the uneducated and uncivilized people of our treat to the fact of Jesus. I vistted different villages on foat, preached the word of God and made them to accept Christ as their saviour. Yet there are may to be brought to His feet. We are praying for them. I could start 9 Churchus at different places and appointed 9 believes as pastors. They are daily voluntary Gospel work as I am doing I am also pastering one Church at

    Transporting facilities are practically nil in our hilly area. One has to go up and the hills and hillocks the valleys and cross rivulets to reach different villages. The distance between one villages in very big. Our Gospel workers do not have even bicycles worship is being conducted in small huts. There are orphans, street children and destitudes. There are no schools in these villages. One has to go to a distant village in planes on foot to study. This very dangerous because wild animals wander even in day light. Threatening the passers by. So there is a need to start
    schools for educating the tribal children may people are dying every day, due to poverty and lack of medical facilities.

    T here is much to be done for these forsaken people who live like forest beasts and animals. But our hands are not strong enough to provide food, clothing, shelter medical and educational facilities. We are praying God to send help from any source and hopefully awaiting a nicle to happen.

    Dear Brother. I am protected from tribal cart and Lord keep the as service man of him. The people from so many tribal areas of forest and hills area were used in Lord god Ministry. God has given in two places in ttibal area. I.e. two Churches. With the God h as given 15 numbers of God servants and doing ministry. By his day by day. We are conveying “ GOSPET “ to so many people. Everyday, from village we are visiting every village and every house. In small huts, we are conducted “Sunday worsh ips and prayers in other times also. We are suffering from lack of church buildings. Kindly pray for us. Lord selected us from backward forest area.

    In Andhra Pradesh, Ongole, Guntur, Nalgonda, Warangal Districts are backward districts. In this districts Lambadies Chenchulu, Erukula and Yanadis People are livings so, 400 Tribal Tandas were mere villagers and people were unaware of Gospels from those areas. We are came forward no our are to transit Gospel, because no road transport – so people are facing difficulties. From this villages, people should go by walk to tell Gospel to villagers.

    To convey Gospel to here is places, your prayer is very
    much in need. We are if we want to buy – pamplets, Bibles, Books, Gospel Books, we do not have economic support please pray for us about his matter. No one is helping to us from any place, in these forest areas, people are wondering on the roads without food and cloths. Please pray for his people we are so backward and lack of fund people, so we are back ward in Lord God Ministry service. We want 250 Bibles, pamplets of Gospels and Books to us. Kindly pray for us for these.

    We are praying for you and your ministry. We will be happy and
    greatful if you can extend your helping had we are requesting God with them in our fasting prayers to send help. ( II kings 20:13, pg 41 esther 4:14 (pg 121: 1-2)

    lease pray for our Tribal Ministry Ministers, Churches and the families of ourministries. Please pray for orphans destitudes and strees children .

    May God bless you adundantely and use you in His service.

    Awaiting your early reply.

    His Service

    pastor,p.ramamurthy naik [stephen]


    Pastor, P. Rama Murthy Naik, (Stephen)

    Post Office Second Line,

    Indira Nagar,


    Prakasam District,

    A.P. South India,

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