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-Pakistan: Muslims Seize Christian Chapel and Police Refuse to Help

by Dr. D ~ October 25th, 2010


On October 19, the Christian chapel of Gordon College, part of the Presbyterian Church University in Rawalpindi, Pakistan was illegally taken by force by a group of over 20 radical Muslims who now are claiming ownership of the building with the support of local authorities. The group says that they intend to destroy the Chapel and sell the property.

Meanwhile the police and the local authorities refused to respond to leaders of The Presbyterian Church who tried to officially report the case to the police without any success. The police refused to act in any way to stop the Muslim occupants or return the church to the Christian community.

The pastor of the Presbyterian Church Chapel, Iqbal Bhatti, told the press:

"The local parliamentarians of the Muslim League Nawaz Group of the District Administration do not want a church here. They intend to demolish it,"

“in Punjab, since the Muslim League Nawaz has been in power, violence and persecution against Christians has increased significantly."

UPDATE: On Sunday, October 24, 100’s of local Christians from every denomination gathered in the square in front of the building to celebrate the Sunday service outdoors in protest of the illegal occupation. This time the police did respond in force with more than 20 police trucks and dispersed the Christian Crowd arresting those who refused to leave immediately. Meanwhile the police left the radical Muslims occupying the Chapel alone.

Christian lawyers have since brought the case to court. A hearing is scheduled for October 26.

Response: Let me get this straight, the police left the Muslim radicals in the chapel but arrested the Christians instead?

Reportedly the radicals are destroying church artifacts, books, hymnals, and Bibles in the church but the authorities continue to let them. The Muslims say that they plan to sell the property and the authorities seem to be backing their plan?

This is the type of stuff that happens to Christians all over the Middle East. Churches are occupied or destroyed, pastors harmed or killed and their homes invaded and stores destroyed. It is common place and I could literally put up an article 2 or 3 times a week documenting some kind of Muslim persecution of Christians. Christians in Muslim dominated countries have little or no rights at all under Muslim sharia law.

Meanwhile Muslims in this country expect freedom to practice their religion and rightfully so. Their rights are constitutionally protected. They also demand the right to build a mosque near ‘Ground Zero’ in New York and the local authorities support them in the process. The contrast is at the very least ironic?            *Top of the Blog

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