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-China: Government Blocks Christian Leaders from Attending International Conference

by Dr. D ~ October 21st, 2010

Chinese flag, Beijing, China.

(Chinese Flag via Wikipedia)

More than 230 Chinese Christian leaders were invited to the Third Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization. Nearly all of them were blocked by Chinese authorities from leaving China.

The Third Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization started on Sunday in Cape Town, South Africa without the Chinese delegation. According to reports the Chinese government had assigned over 1,000 law enforcement officers to roundup and keep the Chinese underground church delegates from leaving China and prevent them from attending the conference.

When the Chinese authorities were asked about it Ma Zhaoxu, spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, responded that the Congress organizers did not formally invite the legal representatives of China’s Christians – leaders of the Three-Self Patriotic Movement and the China Christian Council, the network of state-registered Protestant churches in China but only unregistered underground leaders:

“This action publicly challenges the principle of independent, autonomous, domestically organized, and therefore represents a rude interference in Chinese religious affairs.”

According to the Lausanne organizers they did invite leaders from the official government churches but none of them had responded to the invitation.

The Lausanne Congress will bring together 4,000 Christian leaders from 200 countries around the world to discuss the future of the Church and world evangelization. This is the third major Lausanne conference since 1974. The first one was initiated and headed by evangelist Billy Graham.

The Third Congress, also called ‘Cape Town 2010’ started on Sunday and will be held Oct. 16 -25 at the Cape Town International Convention Centre.

Response: Oh yes, according to the Chinese spokesman the Lausanne invitation is “a rude interference in Chinese religious affairs.”  

This is the same Chinese government that during the Summer Olympics in Beijing tried to convince everyone that they now had complete ‘freedom of religion’ in their country. What a joke.

They went out of their way to provide religious worship experiences for the athletes of every religion attending. At the same time they rounded up all of the underground Christian leaders in the Beijing area and shipped them all out of town or put them in jail for the duration  of the Summer games.

Only the official government churches were open as usual during the Olympics to put an official smile on religious affairs in China.

Well the cat is out of the bag now and the Red Chinese may not be persecuting the Christian leaders as badly as they used to do but it is obviously still a far cry from real ‘freedom of religion’.            *Top of the Blog

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2 Responses to -China: Government Blocks Christian Leaders from Attending International Conference

  1. Curly

    China lied to us. They don’t have any freedom of religion.

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