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-Bhutan: Christian Sentenced to 3 Years in Prison for Showing Films on Christ

by Dr. D ~ October 18th, 2010

Flag-map of Bhutanu

(Map of Bhutan via Wikipedia)

NEW DELHI, October 18 (CDN) — “A court in predominantly Buddhist Bhutan has sentenced a Christian to three years in prison for “attempting to promote civil unrest” by screening films on Christianity.”

The Christian- Prem Singh Gurung who is a 40-year-old Nepalese citizen was convicted on Oct. 6 by a court in Sarpang district of south Bhutan. He was arrested four months ago when local residents complained that he was showing Christian films in several remote villages. Gurung had taken a generator and projector and invited villagers to watch Nepali movies, and between each feature he showed Christian films.

Christianity is not legally recognized in Bhutan and the 6,000 or so Christian who live there cannot openly worship or build churches but must share their faith privately in their own homes. Christianity is considered a threat to the state and the culture therefore if one publically presents or preaches about Christ it is considered to be tantamount to promoting revolt or civil unrest.

Buddhism is the state religion and according to the new 2008 constitution the government in Bhutan is mandated to protect its culture and religion. A new law against “proselytizing” is currently being considered in the country which would punish anyone who uses any kind of “coercion or other forms of inducement” to convert from the state religion of Buddhism.

Response: This is a good time to pray for Bhutan that the door will be opened to the Gospel and pray for the Christians there that they will not suffer another time of persecution like they did in the 80’s. Please pray that the “proselytizing” law will not be enacted also that the Christians will be left alone to worship at least in their own homes.

Bhutan is presently in the midst of a ‘changing of the guards’ where a new generation is beginning to replace the older. Please pray that those coming on will be more open to the idea and implementation of ‘freedom of religion’ in that country.             *Top of the Blog

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