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-Ahmadinejad: Israel and Allies on Their Way to Hell ‘Soon’

by Dr. D ~ October 17th, 2010

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Today (Sunday 10/17) in the midst of his visit to Lebanon Iranian President Ahmadinejad made the following comment:

"Grounds are being prepared for the Zionist regime [Israel] to go to hell soon and any country supporting this regime will join it on its trip to hell as well."

Response: The Iranian President is making his rounds lately including trips to Turkey, Syria, and now Lebanon. In Lebanon he is visiting and bolstering Hezbollah is south just over the border from Israel. That is where he made the controversial statement above.

A number of Lebanese officials complained that he was ‘meddling’ in the internal affairs of the country. The Iranians helped  the Hezbollah dominated communities to rebuild after that last war with Israel and gained a great deal of influence in the process.

Lately they have been building up Hezbollah’s weapon and missile supplies obviously in preparation for a new campaign against Israel. Everywhere that President Ahmadinejad has gone lately he has commented that Israel is going down soon and the USA with it. Meanwhile he seems to be preparing his nation and their allies for war.

Muslim Apocalyptic Scenario

These comments by Pres. Ahmadinejad sound so crazy to us in America and the West but it is all part of a unique religious scenario that is supported and propounded by the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

Khamenei (age 71) is teaching that the 12th Imam or Mahdi (Muslim Messiah) is going to appear soon while he is still leader of Iran. He has stated in the past that a soon defeat of Israel and their allies will bring on the coming of this Muslim apocalyptic figure who according to Islamic teaching is destined to conquer and rule the world defeating America, the West, and all of the enemies of Allah.

Hopefully American and Western leaders are paying attention. However it is my sense that those in the West find it hard to believe that anyone could be this crazy and actually start a war based upon a religious apocalyptic view.

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1 Response to -Ahmadinejad: Israel and Allies on Their Way to Hell ‘Soon’

  1. Frank Hatch

    HELL, An Introduction.

    If you’re going to Hell, check your reservation:

    Each caste level in Hell has a specific, finite number of dimensions; the more dimensions, the higher the caste. This is irrelevant information when you’re in the bottom caste. However, if you thought you had a reservation for a higher caste, then someone lied to you. If you’re going to Hell, this shouldn’t surprise you.

    The bottom caste uses a 3-dimensional space with a linear time sequence. All humans are assigned to this caste. This is the food caste.

    Best Regards,

    Frank Hatch
    Initial Mass Displacements

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