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-First Look At Controversial ‘Ground Zero’ Mosque Design and it is…Controversial!

by Dr. D ~ October 4th, 2010

This is the first look at the proposed design for the Park51 Community Center also known as the ‘Ground Zero ‘ Mosque prepared by SOMA Architects.

Several have commented that the facade of the building looks like broken Stars of David, Crosses, and Pentagons cascading toward the ground. Others have noticed that the way the top of the building is designed it gives one an illusion of ‘two towers’.

Several Israeli newspapers picked up on this over the weekend and commented on the broken up Stars of David. Others have suggested that it is a perfect example of Islamic supremacist architecture where symbols like broken up crosses and Stars of David are so very important.

Several have also suggested that the ‘triumphant’ design will be popular in the Middle East where the bulk of the funding is said to be coming from.

Response: Not exactly an example of reaching out to other religions? The Cordoba Mosque and Community Center is already controversial and this design creates even more controversy. The head imam said that the center proposes to reach out to other religions but this design seems to be rather counter productive in that regard.

Hopefully some changes will be made before it is actually built. I still support freedom of religion in this country and the rights of owners to do what they will within reason and code. However I also think that it would be far better for the mosque to be voluntarily built elsewhere.

Meanwhile there are reports over the weekend that the Mosque’s imam and his wife have received ‘threats’ and that is certainly unfortunate and un-American.

Also meanwhile, the rebuilding of the St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church which really was at ‘Ground Zero’ and actually destroyed on that fateful day continues to be in limbo.

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