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-Portent of the Future: Publisher Cancels Biography of Muhammad

by Dr. D ~ October 2nd, 2010


(Image by Sebastian Niedlich via Flickr)

Norwegian historian Halvor Tjønn has written a biography of Muhammad the founder of Islam and Oslo publisher Kagge had agreed to publish the book and even listed it in last year’s fall catalog.

However the publisher has suddenly pulled out of the project and now refuses to give any explanations of why it will no longer publish the book.

According to the author there should be nothing in the book that would upset Muslims. There are no illustrations of Muhammad and all of the key references used in the work are from the 8th and 9th centuries.

Response: This is nothing less than a portent of the future. When it comes to Islam we are now in a no-win situation in the West. What from our perspective might be nothing more than an accurate historical portrayal of Muhammad could in the end get people killed including the author and the publishers.

It is impossible to forecast how any work on Islam might be interpreted in the Muslim community. Islamists and radicals would try to find some offence that they could use for  their benefit.

Look for more self-censorship in the West when it come to the supposed ‘religion of peace’.

For example, Diane Sawyer and ABC’s 20/20 program did a show on Islam last week and when they got done you had to conclude from the show that all of us should be Muslims.

It was a one-sided PC positive production which discounted Jihad and everything negative you have ever heard about the religion and even proposed that women were better treated in Muslim countries than in the West. Totally ridiculous!

This is what you can expect in the future. Either totally positive PC works on Islam or none at all.            *Top of the Blog

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