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-“See You at the Pole” School Prayer Day

by Dr. D ~ September 22nd, 2010

For 20 years now students have been gathering around their flag pole at school and praying for one another, for their school, families, community, and nation. Today is the day- the fourth Wednesday of September.

Organizers are predicting that one to two million students will participate in today’s annual prayer time at the flag pole. Doug Clark, the event promotion coordinator says that this year’s theme is "Reveal":

"The world ‘reveal’ is the theme for 2010. We’re hoping that that will ignite some prayer that says, ‘God, reveal yourself to us; reveal yourself through us.’ It really is courageous for students to pray," Clark continues. "My heroes and sheroes in ‘See You at the Pole’ are that young man or that young woman who [is] standing there praying by themselves for their campus — not to put on a show, but simply because their heart bleeds for their friends."

Response: Many folks believe that prayer is no longer allowed at schools but that only applies to officially sponsored school prayers. Individuals and groups of students are still allowed by law to initiate and participate in prayer during their break times or before school.

There have been occasions in the last 20 years when school administrators have tried to stop the event at their schools but most are aware of the legal basis and parameters for the event. The Alliance Defense Fund is supplying legal support for the prayer time.

I am praying that the event continues to be the success that it has been in the past and that our schools across the entire country are covered in prayer today.

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