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-Christians in Kashmir Under Attack over Quran Burning

by Dr. D ~ September 18th, 2010

India: This week one major Christian School was burned to the ground another was set on fire and a church in Anantnag was stormed by Muslim protestors to the burning of a Quran in the USA.

The Christian community is now pressuring the government for protection. There are approximately 25,000 Christians living in Kashmir and the whole Christian community is living in fear that the attacks against them will escalate. So far fortunately no Christians have been personally injured or killed.

Map of India showing location of Jammu and Kashmir

(Image via Wikipedia)

Response: The nuts in the USA who burned Qurans last Saturday have given the Muslim radicals a perfect excuse to rise up and attack the Christian community.  This was one of our major concerns when the church in Florida was talking about burning Qurans in the first place -that the Christian minority in the Middle East would end up suffering over it .

Well Kashmir India is close enough. It has always been a troubled area politically with a Muslim majority that wants to be part of Pakistan rather than attached to India. Any excuse for violence will do and the government seems rather powerless or unwilling to stop it. The Indian authorities are probably concerned that this could turn into an all out rebellion against their authority.

Meanwhile the Iranians and the Pakistani al Qaeda radicals are fanning the fames and it is doubtful that the trouble over the Quran burning is over. I hope the Quran burning nuts back in their very safe homes in America are proud of themselves.            *Top of the Blog

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