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-IHOP: Pancakes vs. Prayers

by Dr. D ~ September 17th, 2010

The International House of Pancakes is suing the International House of Prayer over using the acronym IHOP which the restaurant chain says it has a registered trademark for.

The International House of Prayer began 10 years ago in Kansas City, Mo. under the leadership of Pastor Mike Bickle. The ministry promotes continuous 24 hour prayer and has a major ministry to youth and college students all across America and provides training for the ministry.

The main goal of the IHOP ministry is to usher in a new Awakening or revival for America and to pray for an on-going harvest and revival all around the world. The ministry also has a training school for the ministry at their KC headquarters.

A spokesman for the restaurant chain says that the suit was brought on because of the increasing visibility of the ministry:

"We are compelled to protect the 350 small-business owners who own IHOP franchises and the IHOP good name that’s been around for 52 years."

Response: Protecting their ‘good name’ is the issue? What, there is something ‘bad’ about being mixed up or associated with group of Christians promoting prayer and revival?

Pancakes and prayer are different enough that it is really hard to see how the two organizations would ever get confused with one another. The lawsuit is petty for sure and I fail to see how it is going to bring the chain any kind of good PR.

In fact, exactly the opposite is true. Before it is over, Pastors and Christian ministries may end up going to Denny’s instead. Also, you can probably say good-by to hosting any more prayer breakfasts.

The restaurant chain complains that the prayer ministry is serving food. Since when does a snack bar and a school cafeteria on a ministry college campus ever qualify as any kind of competition to restaurant? Not any I have ever eaten at except maybe at Biola University –they actually serve real food there.

Good luck IHOP but I will be supporting and praying for the other IHOP which is exactly what they promote after all.             *Top of the Blog

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