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-San Antonio Police Try to Silence Street Preachers

by Dr. D ~ September 16th, 2010

San Antonio Texas Alamo

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Since when is sharing the Gospel in public against the law in America?

A street preacher in San Antonio, Texas has been harassed and threatened by the police on multiple occasions for handing out Bible tracts and sharing his faith.

Jose Muniz, a full-time minister with Jesus Crew Street Ministries, has been stopped several times by the San Antonio police while handing out Bible tracts and has been told that what he is doing is illegal because of a city ordinance against distributing commercial handbills.

Liberty Institute and the American Center for Law and Justice filed a federal lawsuit on Muniz’s behalf. The Christian legal organizations pointed out that the police officers were  misapplying a city ordinance that clearly states that it is limited to affect only business advertising bills:

”This section is not intended to prevent the lawful distribution of anything other than commercial and business advertising.”

The police have not only bothered Mr. Muniz but even detained another evangelist, Todd Liebovitz, and threw him in jail for 16 hours before the charges were dropped.

ACLJ attorney Wesley Southerland remarked:

“It seem like they’re being applied specifically in these cases because of possibly their religious viewpoint, and the fact that they are Christians and they want to share their message.”

Also, Kelly Shackelford, Liberty Institute’s president and CEO, responded to the case with this:

“This is America. No citizen should be threatened for engaging in free speech in public.  This was a flagrant violation of the Constitution.”

Response: This type of response by the police should not be tolerated anywhere in America.  Maybe the officers or supervisors involved have something against the free exercise of religion in public or against Christianity in particular?

All of a sudden, all across the country there are far too many similar situations where officials are trying to stop or regulate the public expression and sharing of ones faith. Something that has been on mainstreet since the very founding of the country and as much a part of America as Chevrolet and apple pie.             *Top of the Blog 


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1 Response to -San Antonio Police Try to Silence Street Preachers

  1. Gabriel

    The Lord put it in my heart to go out and evangelize. My church is going to give me and some brothers in Christ bible tracts. We go out every Saturday to do evangelism, but I feel I can do more than one day a week. I’m unable to work at the moment,and got free time on Wednesdays. The world we live in can use the Word of God to overcome the fear the media and government is feeding the people, and the hate and evil that goes on throughout the city everyday. I have a question about where can I obtain laws and regulations on evangelizing and handing out tracts in San Antonio?

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