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-French Senate Bans Full Muslim Veils in Public

by Dr. D ~ September 14th, 2010

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(Image by tinou bao via Flickr)

PARIS (AP): “The French Senate on Tuesday overwhelmingly passed a bill banning the burqa-style Islamic veil on public streets and other places, a measure that affects less than 2,000 women but that has been widely seen as a symbolic defense of French values.”

The vote was 246-1 and becomes law after Constitutional review.

The bill outlaws face-covering veils on public streets and elsewhere. It would include even clothing worn by tourists from the Middle East. It set fines of euro150 ($185) and /or citizenship classes for any woman caught covering her face. Also there are stiff penalties for anyone forcing a woman to wear a veil.

The response of the Muslim community in France was mostly negative and many were offended by the legislation though some did voice support.

Immediately following the action by the Senate there was a terrorist threat phoned in on the Eiffel Tower in Paris and it was shut down for several hours until it was determined to be a hoax.

Response: Expect rioting in the streets of France over this one and maybe even protests in the Middle East. Look for those in the religion of peace to demonstrate their true character.

Unfortunately some Muslim women have stated that they will just stay in their own homes and never go out in public after this. The measure was suppose to help immigrant women assimilate into the French culture. However if they never go outside than it will be worse for them in France than it even was before.

France has the largest Muslim population of any European country and many of the French are concerned over the the possibility that their culture and language might disappear or radically change in a generation or so since the Muslim community is growing way faster than the domestic French population.           *Top of the Blog

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