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-14 Kashmiri Muslims killed In Clash Over Quran Burning

by Dr. D ~ September 13th, 2010

Map of India showing location of Jammu and Kashmir

(Image via Wikipedia)

This is the kind of event that we feared would happen. On Monday, Iranian state TV showed a man burning a Quran in the USA and 10’s of thousands of Kashmiri Muslims took to the streets in protest.

Indian forces tried to quell the mob but ended up killing 14 and wounding scores of others. One police officer was also killed in the incident as it also turned into a separatist protest against India’s rule over the region and the protesters ended up burning government buildings.

The mob also burned an effigy of President Obama with shouts of :

"Down with Quran desecrators." and "Down with America"

Along with:

"Down with Israel." and "Go India, go back. We want freedom."

Although the Florida pastor decided not to burn a Quran on Saturday the Iranian news service had a video of another American following through with the burning instead. Probably the nut who burned one at ‘Ground Zero’ in NY.

Response: Unfortunately this is probably the first of many such Muslim protests around the world today. It is interesting that the protestors burned President Obama in effigy considering he was against the Quran burnings.

Obviously these folks do not understand our country and the freedom of individuals here to do stupid things. The burning ends up reflecting on all of us Americans even the majority who opposed it.

Just like many said, the Quran burning will end up being used by radicals to further their own causes against America and the West and even against Christians for that matter.             *Top of the Blog 

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