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-Remembering 9/11/01: How Should We Respond?

by Dr. D ~ September 11th, 2010

The pictures are still horrific and engender in us all a remembrance of where we were when we first heard about the 9/11 attacks. Nearly 3,000 died and two wars resulted from the event and we can now say that the world is a much smaller place than it use to be.

But how shall we respond to all of this?

I must admit that I still get angry when I see the pictures above and my first response is to respond in kind. After 9 years I have come to the conclusion that there really isn’t any way to ‘win’ a War on Terror. Nevertheless it cannot be ignored because it will not go away even if we would like it too.  In some respects the world will never be the same.

For years radical Islamists were trying to get our attention and in this one huge event they succeeded beyond all belief.

So how are we to respond today in remembrance of 9/11/01?

Shall we burn Qurans? Should we persecute Muslims because of the actions of a few? Should we try to ignore the Middle East and carry on like nothing ever happened?  Shall we blame these events on ourselves as the result of unfortunate foreign policies of the past?

All of the above are championed by some group or another in this great country of 300 million souls. As much as it is truly tempting to ignore it all and just tune in to your favorite college football game today this is a time to pause and remember the sacrifices of so many in response to the terrible actions of so few.

We should never forget and our resolve should never lessen but our reactions should be tempered with the teaching of Jesus to love our enemies and to do good to those who despise and use us.

The fact is the world is a better place because of the responses of Christians to people in need around the world, even those who consider us to be their enemies. Recently Pakistan (which is not an enemy but many of their citizens unfortunately believe that Americans and Christians are their enemy) suffered a huge flood that affected and put in danger the lives of 22 million people. Christian relief agencies from America and the West went into action and saved the lives of millions.

The radical Pakistani Taliban responded by ordering the Christians out of the country and by kidnapping and killing 3 relief workers. But the work goes on nevertheless. Praise God.

Recently the Taliban in Afghanistan killed an entire medical team that were only guilty of helping people and being Christians. But the work also goes on in Afghanistan. Praise the Lord.

It is that kind of resolve that really proves what kind of people we are and demonstrates the real superiority of Christianity over any other religion. Let the world be a better place because we chose not to ignore the challenge but responded in love.            *Top of the Blog

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