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-UPDATE: California Court Rejects PJI Petition to Force State Officers to Defend Marriage

by Dr. D ~ September 2nd, 2010

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UPDATE: Today California’s 3rd Appellate District Court rejected the Pacific Justice Institute’s petition that sought to force attorney general Jerry Brown to defend the Prop 8 Traditional Marriage amendment.

Presiding Justice Arthur Scotland rejected the suit without comment. Brad Dacus  president of PJI responded to the denial:

“We are going to be appealing it to the State Supreme Court.”

Response: A set back for sure but one that will be appealed to the California State Court. It will be interesting to see how they rule on the suit since that court started the whole marriage mess in the first place by declaring the state limitation of marriage to between a man and a woman as being unconstitutional.

Same-sex marriages followed in the state and then Prop 8 –the marriage amendment was voted in by 7 million California voters to overturn the Supreme Court with an amendment to the state constitution supporting traditional marriage.  The prop was overturned by Judge Walker and the governor and state attorney general have refused to appeal the decision.

Now the PJI petition has been rejected but the whole mess is going back to the state Supreme Court once more.            *Top of the Blog

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