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-Gaddafi Tells Europe to Convert to Islam

by Dr. D ~ August 31st, 2010

ROME - JUNE 10:  Libya's leader Muammar Gaddaf...

(Image by Getty Images via @daylife)

This week Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi has been visiting in Italy and has caused a stir by giving away Qurans and telling everyone that Europe should convert to Islam:

"Islam should become the religion of all of Europe.”

“Islam is the last religion and if we are to have a single faith then it has to be in Mohammed."

In another speech Gaddafi suggested that Europe needed to pay Libya $billions or risk the onslaught of illegal immigration from Africa that would turn the whole continent ‘black’. Many European leaders considered this statement to be tantamount to blackmail.

Meanwhile the government of Italy did agree to spend five billion dollars to build a 1,700 kilometre (1,050 mile) highway in Libya and Gaddafi agreed to allow the Italian Navy to intercept illegal migrants at sea and return them to Libya.

Response: In essence Gaddafi threatened Europe to join Islam or give him a payoff.  The fact is that Muammar only responds properly to strength and the present Western leaders are far too ignorant and weak to properly deal with him.  

Gaddafi had been quiet for years after President Reagan authorized an airstrike against his personal residence. Up to then he had been a major supporter of terrorism and Libya was the training ground for thousands of terrorists over the years.  When President Bush went after Iraq and in essence declared war on terrorists and anyone who protected them Gaddafi got the message and immediately gave up his plans for atomic weapons and sued for peace with the USA.

However in the last year or two there has been a changing of administrations in the USA and in Europe and the new leaders have declared that the ‘war on terror’ is over. Then the Lockerbie bomber was released and received a ‘heroes’ welcome and since then Gaddafi has visited the UN in NY City and now Italy. He is no longer treated as ‘persona non grata’ on the international stage but he is now being treated as a regular ‘head of state’.

The fact is he is still the same old ‘terrorist’ leader that he has always been and all of the attention has now convinced him to be even bolder than he ever was in the past. Gaddafi now looks upon Europe as being weak and now demands that it joins Islam or else.

This is totally in line with how Muhammad suggests dealing with the enemies of Islam. The Prophet of Islam counseled that enemies should be given 3 options:

1. Join Islam

2. Pay a Ransom tax (Jizya)

3. Or fight

This week Gaddafi told Europe to join Islam and pay him $Billions in tribute or else. What do you think comes next?

I believe that Libya will become once more a major training ground for terrorists against Europe and the USA thanks to the weak leaders we now have in the West.             *Top of The Blog 

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