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-Pakistan: Taliban Kills 3 Christian Flood Relief Workers

by Dr. D ~ August 28th, 2010

Pakistan floods: Flooded homes in Southern Punjab

(Image by Oxfam International via Flickr)

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan, August 27 (CDN) — “Authorities on Wednesday (Aug. 25) recovered the bodies of three Christian relief workers who had been kidnapped and killed by members of the Pakistani Taliban in the flood-ravaged country.”

Response: Pakistan is in the midst of one of the greatest floods in recent history with over 21 million people affected and untold thousands probably dead. The country pleaded for help from international relief agencies and received an out pouring of humanitarian aid including food, medical care, and relief personnel.

Now comes the news that the Pakistani Taliban has kidnapped and killed 3 Christian aid workers who were helping the flood victims. Plus the Taliban has ordered all foreigners to leave and promised to carry out more attacks on any aid workers who remain, particularly those from Christian organizations and from Western nations.

Pakistan has responded by sending special army forces to protect the relief workers. Again the Taliban demonstrates that they don’t really care about people as much as furthering their own radical interpretation of Islam. The Taliban is said to be confiscating as many supplies from international agencies as they are able to and in turn are distributing the needed aid under their own banner.

Meanwhile another problem has surfaced and been noted. It is reported that Pakistani Christian flood victims are being discriminated against by government agencies and are not able to receive aid or shelter in Pakistani relief camps.

Christians and other religious minorities are reportedly only receiving aid in the UN camps and from international relief organizations and not from their own government. Again Pakistan demonstrates why they are considered to be one of the worst nations when it comes to religious liberty and the persecution of Christians and other minority religions.

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