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-Is President Obama a Muslim –No! But…

by Dr. D ~ August 20th, 2010

Barack Obama

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Is President Obama a Muslim?


But he is very sympathetic to Islam. Also apparently 24% of the country think he is while only 47% believe that he’s a Christian.

His father and his step father were Muslims and a good share of his extended family in Africa. Plus over the years he has had several close friends and associates who were Muslims.

As a child in Indonesia he attended a Muslim elementary school so is very familiar with Muslim practices and prayers. He is easily the most knowledgeable President we have ever had when it comes to Islam.

Not only that, but in many Muslim countries he is considered to be a Muslim still since his father was one even if he did join Christianity. Some would consider him however to be an ‘apostate’ because of his confession of the Christian faith.

Interestingly this is probably why Michelle did not go with him when he went to Egypt or Saudi Arabia. The fact that his father was Muslim would dictate that his wife should abide by the Islamic dress code. Better she doesn’t go and avoid any embarrassing situations. It was bad enough last time when Pres. Obama bowed to the Saudi King like Muslim head of states traditionally do in deference to his rule over Mecca and Medina. 

However, as a young man Barack left Islam and joined a Christian Church where he attended for more than 20 years. He has also said in the past that the Resurrection of Jesus is particularly meaningful to him –not something that a Muslim would dare say.

He confesses a belief and a faith in Jesus and we should accept him at his word.

At his inaugural he had two prominent Christian ministers say prayers and reportedly includes several Christian clergy as his spiritual advisors.

In some ways Barack himself is to blame for the confusion. He hasn’t attended a church regularly in DC plus he seems to avoid some of the more public displays of faith like the National Day of Prayer.

I would bet almost anything that the Obama family will soon be attending a Washington DC Church and making a far more public display of their religious faith in the near future with the midterm elections on the horizon this fall.            *Top of the Blog

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5 Responses to -Is President Obama a Muslim –No! But…

  1. Bhanu Tiwari

    When I saw this outrageous The End Of Nations website it occurred to me that Answers for the Faith blog’s visitors totally should see this link! http://hubpages.com/hub/Global-Union-The-End-Of-Nations

  2. mark

    I wonder how many people who think Obama is a Muslim realize that Christians and Muslims believe in the same God?

  3. iskenderun

    Thank you very much have a great article

  4. azhi

    what a great blog ! 10x

  5. giannis

    Im very blissful to hear this. This is really nice :).

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