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-Ground Zero: NY Says No to Rebuilding a Church Destroyed on 9/11 but Yes to the Mosque?

by Dr. D ~ August 17th, 2010


(Photo by Grisha Ressetar copyright 2001)

The ‘Ground Zero Mosque’ controversy keeps on going. President Obama weighed in over the weekend with a few comments that hit the fan so to speak. One observation he made is that Islam should be treated just like any other religion in America and I totally agree.

In a previous post I commented that I believed that NY was giving preferential treatment to the Cordoba Mosque project and that I really doubted that a church would ever approved by the city to be built at the same location as the so-called ‘Ground Zero Mosque’. Turns out that I was entirely correct.

St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church which stood across the street from the World Trade center was reduced to dust on September 11, 2001. For 9 years the NY Port Authority has refused to let them rebuild their church—a church that was actually destroyed in the attack but plans for a new mosque are approved by the city?

It is my view that St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church should be rebuilt. The President talked about private property rights and that the Muslims should be allowed to build on their own property near ‘Ground Zero’. Well, what about the property rights of the  St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church? The church had been there since 1922 but their rights are being totally disregarded.

The church that was destroyed in the 9/11 attacks should be rebuilt first before any new project like the Cordoba Mosque is considered. It is obvious to me that the Muslims in this case are receiving better treatment from the city than the church.

Here’s an article written by George Demos who is running for Congress in that very area about the Church and the Mosque: “Rebuild the Church at Ground Zero, Not the Mosque

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11 Responses to -Ground Zero: NY Says No to Rebuilding a Church Destroyed on 9/11 but Yes to the Mosque?

  1. paula jo

    What you don’t hear about is the Greek Orthodox Church they are trying to build in the same Neighborhood,running into one roadblock after another from the NYC Government,Guess if their Faith took part in terrorism and preached Jihad from the Church,Obama would back them too.

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  3. 1389AD

    The GZM or ANY mosque has the potential, and in fact the likelihood, of becoming a focus of jihadism and a source of subversive propaganda (taqiyya). That is simply because jihadism (and no, I do not mean “internal struggle”) and taqiyya are central and indispensible tenets of Islam.

    If the 9-11 mosque in the US were to be built, it too would become a pilgrimage and recruitment center for jihadis.

    While the tranzi-progressive/pro-jihadi NYC bureaucrats, politicians, and media pundits are doing everything they can to smooth the way for this mosque (and being very self-righteous about their reasons for this), they are creating every possible obstacle to the rebuilding of St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church, which was destroyed in the 9-11 attack when the South Tower fell on it.

    Rebuild St. Nicholas CHURCH at Ground Zero, not a mosque

    The parish still has an active congregation but no building; they have been meeting to worship in Brooklyn. Now, many of us Orthodox Christians, working pretty much independently by word of mouth among friends and parishoners, have finally succeeded in getting some news media attention to this matter.

    I’d like to ask all Americans supporting St. Nicholas Church to call, write, or better yet, GO AND VISIT the offices of their US Representative and US Senators. You will probably just get to talk to a staffer, but the staffer will pass this information along. It makes a BIG difference if you take the trouble to write a personal letter or show up in person.

    Everyone, please, pass the information along to everybody else you know who might be interested. Put it on Facebook, repost it on your own blog, email it to your friends and relatives, whatever else you can think of. We need to get something done while the issue is still in the public eye.


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  6. Alex Vallas

    I am astounded and highly offended by New York City’s refusal to allow a Greek Orthodox Church be rebuit on it’s previous site. This is not Istanbul where the Turkish Government has been detestable towards the Patriach. What are the reasons? Freedom of Religion. Bull Shit.

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