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-Afghanistan: Taliban Used Facebook Page to Track Doctors?

by Dr. D ~ August 16th, 2010

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More on the Medical team that was slaughtered by the Taliban. It appears that the assailants used info gleaned from the group’s Facebook page to track them to the Nuristan area.

From the NY Post:

Intelligence sources told The Sunday Times it appears the Taliban tracked the medical team for days. Other intelligence sources said the group’s Facebook page may have alerted the Taliban to the trekkers’ intentions before they had reached Nuristan.

"It appears the doctors were followed across the mountain passes between Nuristan and Badakhshan by the Taliban. The information we have suggests that this was a targeted killing," an Afghan security service agent told the paper.

Read the chilling account of their killing in the article. The only one spared was the Muslim driver.

Response: Most Christian organizations have websites and Facebook support pages. This points out the potential danger for giving out too much information.

At the church I attend many times info. is personally handed out to prayer warriors who sign up to support missionaries in prayer. Since our church sometimes sends folks to dangerous areas where they might be opposed by the government or radical religious groups the assignment page always includes a warning at the top in Red:


The threats are real and in this case the medical team apparently gave out a rough itinerary on their support page. The fact is everyone is on the Internet even folks living in the caves of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

I once had a pastor friend who was sent by his church on a mission to a major Muslim country in Asia. Before he left he tried to erase all traces of himself on the Internet. A difficult task since he had a popular blog for a number of years.

He sent me an email requesting that his name be wiped off of my blog. He had left more than 20 comment over the years plus I had linked a number of his articles. It took me a couple of hours to trace it all down. I believe that he is still over there and I remember him in prayer occasionally.

The Internet has brought the World so much closer to us all than any of us ever expected and along with it have come new dangers and threats. A couple of times I have received veiled personal threats after I wrote something about Islam. Both times from folks in Pakistan. I used to laugh them off but no more.            *Top of the Blog

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