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-Appeals Court Rules Against Mall That Arrested Youth Pastor

by Dr. D ~ August 15th, 2010


The California Court of Appeal has issued a ruling sharply criticizing the Roseville Galleria Mall for arresting a youth pastor that was sharing his faith. The decision was unanimous in favor of the youth pastor who was represented by the Pacific Justice Institute.

According to the PJI the Roseville Galleria maintained some rules that attempted to limit what folks could talk about in the mall:

“Under the mall’s rules, shoppers are not allowed to engage in conversations about potentially controversial topics like religion or politics, unless they already know the person they are talking to. Another mall rule bans the wearing of any clothing with religious or political messages.”

The court struck down the mall rules as unconstitutionally vague and restrictive of free speech.

PJI President Brad Dacus commented:

“We are very pleased with this landmark ruling by the California Court of Appeal that vindicates the right to engage in casual conversations about faith without fear of being arrested. This is a great victory for free speech and common sense.”

Response: Amen Brad. We posted about this case in January <Here’s a link>.  I am really happy to see this case resolved with free religious expression intact.

Our church sends out youth groups to pray for people all of the time in malls. Can’t tell you how many people have been healed or even come to Christ at the Wal-Mart around the corner. If folks don’t want to be prayed for or hear it they just keep on going—no harm and no foul—only blessings.             *Top of the Blog

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