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-Does Anyone Else Miss This Guy?

by Dr. D ~ August 12th, 2010

Troops returning from Iraq and Afghanistan get a surprise greeting at Dallas/Ft. Worth Airport.

From the USO Dallas/Ft. Worth Facebook page:

This morning at DFW Airport, George and Laura Bush greeted 150 (very surprised) troops as they arrived home from Iraq and Afghanistan. Their expressions were so priceless!


Pictures below:




Response: You may not have agreed with some of his policies  but at least you were confident that he was trying to do what was best for the country.

He was never that eloquent and seemed to fumble for words sometimes but he never thought of himself as above the people.

He was always a genuine person who genuinely cared for others and obviously still is.

Does anyone else miss this guy?            *Top of the Blog

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4 Responses to -Does Anyone Else Miss This Guy?

  1. Cheryl

    This is a genuine low key attempt to show the troops they not only are greeted buy loved. Just George Bush. Like him or not this was just an effort without pomp to say ‘welcome back and thank you.”

  2. George and Laura Bush greet returning Troops. » Callsign Snoopys Doghouse

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  3. Ellen Hahn Saliba

    I miss him TERRIBLY! While he was not an eloquent speaker, what he SAID was honest and from the heart! If there were errors in his administration, they were honest errors made from having been given incorrect info from people he trusted to keep him posted. He made our country PROUD again and restored our faith in the military. He and Laura were a true TEAM and it was ALWAYS obvious they put America FIRST. He didn’t care about polls…he was true to his beliefs as to what was best for the COUNTRY whether it made him popular or not, and that entailed doing some things that made him look very bad. THAT takes courage. He never waivered on ANYTHING. He would have NEVER apologized to other countries for AMERICA and wars we have fought for freedom or for the good of countries to weak to achieve it for themselves!! I am disgusted by Hollywood’s over-the-top liberalism and their judgements of GW Bush. It seems to me that ANYONE with morals and conservatives VALUES is put down (Sarah Palin is another example) and branded a “loser” and blamed for any and all problems that arise for the country! Obama is not “cutting it,” and the easiest way to explain his failure is to continue to put blame on President Bush. He PALES in comparison to President Bush. I only hope that one day history will be good to President Bush and that these Hollywood fanatics/lunatics (who think that just because they can ACT the rest of us think they are super intelligient and we are hanging on their every word) will realize how WRONG they are about almost everything! By the way, why is Barbra Streisand still living here when she declared if GW Bush were President she would move out of the USA???

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