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-Mexico Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Same-Sex Marriage

by Dr. D ~ August 11th, 2010

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The Supreme Court of Mexico ruled last Thursday that same-sex marriage is constitutional.

Then on Tuesday this week they ruled that all 31 states must recognize same-sex marriages performed in the capital.

The 9-to-2 decision did not however make it mandatory that the states had to follow suit and begin marrying gay couples. Nevertheless they found homosexual marriage to be Constitutional and that gay marriages performed legally in Mexico City had to receive full legal recognition all over the country.

Mexico joins Argentina as the only Latin American countries which have legalized gay marriage. Canada, Spain, Sweden, South Africa, Norway, the Netherlands and Belgium also recognize same-sex marriage.

Response: Not everyone is happy over the decisions. The Federal government opposes it. President Felipe Calderon has condemned it and the Catholic Church is obviously against the change. The Archbishop of Mexico City, Cardinal Norberto Rivera called the ruling “aberrant and immoral.”

Also if a vote was taken on the issue in the country it would probably fail by a large margin.

This is another case of government elites forcing their opinion and morality on an entire country under the guise of law and civil rights. In this case the justices claim that the Mexican Constitution does not prescribe that marriages must be between a man and a woman though for thousands of years that has been the real definition of marriage.             *Top of the Blog 


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