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-Afghanistan: Taliban Executes Christian Medical Team Including 6 American Doctors

by Dr. D ~ August 9th, 2010

CIA map of Afghanistan with Norwegian caption

(Image via Wikipedia)

A team of Christian medical volunteers including 6 American doctors providing care to poor villagers in remote northeast Afghanistan were lined up, stripped, and shot to death by the Taliban.

Later the Taliban bragged about doing this evil deed.

Here’s an account from the Christian Science Monitor:

The execution-style killings of 10 people working for a Christian medical team in a remote region of northern Afghanistan fit into Taliban insurgents’ stated shift in tactics: Target Western civilians, especially Christians, as “foreign invaders.”

The Taliban took credit for one of the deadliest attacks yet on aid workers in Afghanistan, saying the Christian charity workers were proselytizing to poor villagers – a charge that the International Assistance Mission, which dispatched the team, denies.

The bodies of six Americans, a Briton, a German, and two Afghan interpreters were discovered Friday in a forested part of Badakhshan Province in remote northern Afghanistan – until now considered a relatively peaceful region known mostly to adventure travelers. The only person in the party not killed was a local translator who offered proof he was a Muslim by quoting the Koran, according to the Associated Press.

The attack represents the largest single toll of American civilian deaths in Afghanistan since December, when a suicide bomber killed seven members of a CIA team. It also points to the operational viability of Taliban insurgents’ stated intent to target foreign aid workers as combatants.

Read some of the background material on these doctors and their dedication to provide medical care for poor Afghanis. The team was not proselytizing but just there to help people. 

Response: The Taliban continue to show their real colors. They are obviously not even concerned about their own people. In this case their understanding of ‘jihad’ included killing every single person that wasn’t a Muslim. What can one call these folks that would really do justice to who they really are?

This news will only result in less folks actually going to Afghanistan to help out in areas that have no medical care at all. Doctors and medical workers would be crazy to go there now.

If we ever forget again what the war there is all about all we have to do is remember this story. No one should have to live under monsters like this including the Afghan people.

Unfortunately we have been there far too long and the only thing Afghanis like less than the Taliban are ‘foreign invaders’. The Taliban insurgents are now increasingly successful in casting Westerners including those from relief agencies as ‘Christian Crusaders’.            *Top of the Blog

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