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-“The True Meaning of Jihad?”

by Dr. D ~ August 8th, 2010

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So many in the West want to sanitize Islam and reinterpret ‘Jihad’ to be nothing more than a personal spiritual struggle.

It would be wonderful if Islam could go through some sort of reformation and become the religion that many Westerners perceive in their ‘politically correct’ vision of it. However reality is far different.

There are many Muslims in the West who claim that ‘Jihad’ for them is a personal struggle toward fulfilling what Allah has commanded. I don’t discount that but rejoice in it.

However for the vast majority across the World and particularly in the Middle East, Jihad still means what it always has –waging war against oppressors, infidels, and a push towards Muslim domination.

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It includes excerpts from a Saudi columnist who writes about the different aspects of Jihad and the tension between them.           *Top of the Blog

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